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What better way to enjoy the weekend than to go to a cookout party with fellow bloggers, networking, cooking and having the best afternoon. The cookout was hosted by , samanthasbistro and gourmet burger bar . We were about 15 bloggers invited to this cookout party and we had chef dumebi (founder and  chief chef of samanthas bistro) and chef James to take us through the process of making our own burgers.

So I got to the venue of the cookout party
  ( samanthas bistro ) late and I met everyone playing a game called the burger twister, it's a game played in pairs ( a pair of 2 people ) and the result of the game decides the ingredients you get to use in making your own burger ( yes we all were going to make our burgers ourselves) .  I got paired with chef James and it was just hilarious  ( I wish I have a picture to show that part).

Fast forward to the cook out proper, chef dumebi put everyone of us through on how to make burgers the samanthas way.

The burger ingredients setup in the outdoor kitchen

Homemade burger buns freshly baked for the cookout

Ingredients for burger filling

We all were assigned a wooden slate , and a bun each and and also our burger filling ingredients. My  burger ingredients consist of the following:

  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Lamb meat (barbequed)
  • Coleslaw
  • Onionsn
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise 
The method I used in preparing my burger is stated below:

STEP 1 :   After washing my hands, i cleand my  wooden slate, and  placed my  halfed bun on it.

STEP 2: I  buttered up my buns with mayonnaise  on both sides  as you can see in the picture below

STEP 3 : I placed my fresh lettuce (washed) on one half of the bun.

STEP 4:  I placed my barbequed lamb meat next on top of the lettuce.

STEP 5: my mozzarella cheese went next on top of the pile ( on top of my barbequed lamb meat).

STEP 6: I added my coleslaw and onions next to my burger filling.

STEP 7: At this point, chef James flame broiled the burger filling as seen in the picture below.

STEP 8 : I placed the other buttered half of my bun on the flame barbequed burger filling, and my burger was ready to be devoured.

My Samantha's Bistro custom made burger is looking super yummy and tasty in the picture taken below.

After the cookout session, I had fun networking with fellow creative's like me,  chatting and making new friends ,  and the photo sessions were hot ( you know have got love for pictures) . The event was an amazing one and am happy being part of it.

My outfit to the event

Have you ever been to a cook out party before? Are you a fan of burgers? Kindly leave your comments below, and do have a fruitful week ahead.



  1. Some lesson learnt here on making custom-made burgers. Great pictures, great post

  2. Thanks dear. I hope you would be making some burgers soon😊.

  3. I had a lovely experience there. It was nice to meet you dear.

  4. I had a lovely experience there. It was nice to meet you dear.

    1. Same here dear, and i love those ideas of yours😊.


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