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My Lagos waka || A tour of Nike Art Gallery

Happy new week everyone, It's the last week in January (I thought we just said happy new year like minutes ago!!!? .. I guess January just voomed past us like a car on a race) and I have decided to start a series on the blog called "my lagos waka  " ( this series would showcase my  waka / tour of  the city called  LAGOS). The first adventure of mine that I would be sharing would be my tour experience at Nike Art Gallery  with my blogger friend catchee  of (she's an art Curator, writer / blogger and also an aspiring photographer)

The Nike art gallery is actually popular
because it's the biggest art gallery in West Africa ( I mean an art gallery with four floors of inspiring art works and unspoken words).  It is located at 2, Elegushi Rd, Lekki, Lagos.  It's a four - storey building that houses beautiful cultural and traditional pieces and from the entrance of the gallery you will find giant sculptures made from rubber tires, wood and steel…

Book Review - The Alchemist by Paulo coelho ( A classic book review)

welcome to the new week,  it's my first post in 2018 and I would be reviewing the classic book " The Alchemist " by Paulo coelho.

The Alchemist is an international bestseller which was first published in 1988 ( I wasn't even born then! ) and originally written in Portuguese, but has been translated into over 70 languages. It's one of the best selling books in history, a global phenomenon that has been read by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Will Smith, Julia Roberts and even President Clinton just to mention a few.

It's a story about dreams, faith and courage we all have within to pursue our "Personal Legends". The book talks about the story of a Shepherd boy called Santiago from the south of Spain who loves to travel and left home in search of his dream, through his journey of travelling with his flock from one place to another, he encounters a gypsy woman and a king, they urged him to follow his dreams (personal legend) and leave the wor…