The Eve Experience : A female Inspired Resaturant in Lagos (Review)

I finally put up my first restaurant review after months of contemplation ( this thought was first initiated after the bloggers cookout hosted by Samantha's Bistro HERE )  on starting a restaurant review / hotel exploration  section of the blog.

I came across the eve restuarant (a female inspired restaurant) through a friend who wanted us to hangout there for dinner and karoke saying it's the hub for female entrepreneurs, and a lifestyle platform created to enhance  networking, business development via the female centric events and workshops at the resturant. 
The eve resturant is located at 234B Areola Odeku street, Victoria Island, Lagos (Same compound as Escape night club).

Walking into the Eve resturant, for the first time was like  walking into a sensuous haven . The ambience was cozy and warm with good aesthetics, the red and black decor gave it a romantic setting . I also like the fact that the resturant is female inspired with empowering words and  pictures of women …


Recently I attended the Sao and the muse 3 event and all i can say is i was awed by the level of creativity showcased by young Nigerian artists who spend time in their own unique ways , creating art in it's many forms.

Sao and the muse is an annual art event , a creative's haven with diverse medium and bodies of work . The event is currently in it's third year, and it was held from August 3 - 5th , at  Sao cafe, Lagos. It was my first time attending and I would say it's different from other art exhibitions I have been to. There was a relaxed atmosphere enabling guests not to only see art but engage with it.

This year exhibition themed "Collaboration Era"  explores the power of artists eith diverse mediums coming together to create out of the box art,  and below are the exhibiting artists and their installations for this year's Sao and the muse.


Ulo is a post modern art installation by Popartti ( urban…

Wellness: DIY Lemon Detox Water Recipe to cleanse your body and burn fat.

Recently, detoxing has been a part of my lifestyle  and  the detox water has been an effective tool towards my dieting program.   In this post, I will discuss the benefits of lemon detox water , and give a simple step by step recipe to get you started.
What is detox water ? Detox Water is any infused water recipe that helps flush your system of toxins and improves your health.  Lemon water is one of the very first detox water recipes created, besides having a sweet and tangy flavour (yummy) it has many benefits associated with it.
Benefits of lemon detox water Helps clean your liver : water is the key component of any detox water recipe, the enzymes help stimulate liver functions and eliminates waste from your body. 
Aids digestion : Acids in lemon water have been reported to slow the digestion process which helps with better absorption of nutrients.Boosts your immune system : lemon water is a good source of vitamin C which helps in improving the strength of your immune system. Improves …


African print fabrics come in different designs and vibrant colours, some of the notable ones are Ankara, Batik and Kente. The beauty of Ankara print has made it a popular choice for designer's among other African wax  prints. Various fashion houses have introduced different forms of Ankara print blazers and suits on runways and lookbooks and it is one of the popular trends at the moment among classic men and corporate ladies. 

This post is a collaboration with L.k Fashion , a fashion brand with unique and creative design's that are timeless yet wallet friendly. This brand is not new to the blog; recently i published a post in collaboration with the brand on perfect birthday outfit ideas, you can check out the post HERE . 
The L.k Fashion lookbook for this season has a lot of uber chic design's in African prints, so when I received their Ankara pant and blazer set, I decided to wear it to the  Ladies in Business Magazine Launch event packaged  by  Linbizng . The outfit sc…


Last month (May30th) was my birthday and we all know birthdays are for having fun right?! What better way to do that than to make amazing fashion statements that you might probably not be able to make again all year round, dress up and enjoy the day. Correct me if am wrong, but deciding what to wear to a birthday party is a big deal especially when it's your own, so i was pretty excited when L.Kfashion reached out to me for a collaboration on designing and making 3 perfect birthday outfits to make my day extra special. The L.Kfashion  brand is all about timeless style and  elegance. Their designs are unique, wallet- friendly and stylish  like the amazing outfits am wearing in this post.  In this post, I would be sharing with you some outfits i got from the brand that are perfect to wear for your birthday party.
To be honest, as the birthday girl what you wear on your birthday really depends on what you are doing and where are you are hosting the party. Whether it's at work, a…