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My Hiking Experience on Olumo Rock

I decided to tick off Olumo Rock from my tour list and i went hiking with some friends, Micheal and  Royal biba on Olumo rock, which is one of the top tourist destinations in Nigeria because it has so much history. According to history, olumo rock (meaning  'God molded  this') was a safe haven for the Egba people during war times in the 19th century, the rock was used as a fortress which hid the people ( the locals of Abeokuta town) from the enemy. After the war, people saw the rock as a deity that Egba people during war times in the 19th century, the rock was used as a fortress which hid the people( the locals of Abeokuta town) from the enemy . After the war, people saw the rock as a deity that protected the Egba people.

At the entrance, we paid a gate fee of  NGN 1000 per person to get access into the premises and was assigned a tour guide. We were faced by this massive edifice of nature called Olumo.  The first thing that captured my attention was the water fountain that h…

AFRICAN CREATIVE EXHIBITION AWARDS 2018 : what to expect at the second edition.

Creative MSMEs have invaded Nigeria and we certainly are not complaining.
In 2016, it became apparent that Nigeria was an import driven nation and that was how the “Buy Naija to the grow Naira” came to be.
However, various sects of the economy are realising that for Nigeria to diversify and become an export driven nation, the beam light falls on MSMEs.
A fresh year is on the calendar and it is almost time for the second edition of the annual African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed ACE Awards) hosted by Bellaafricana. It brings to Lagos the best creative minds in the fields of Art and Craft, Fashion, Manufacturing, Beauty, Food Produce and so much more.
The Awards is an initiative of Bellafricana, a platform with a focus on Afrocentric Made-in-Nigeria (Africa) Non-oil products development where customers and suppliers engage and transact to bridge the buyer-seller gap and create a wider outreach for Nigerian (African) products locally & globally.
Micro, small and medium-siz…

20 Basic Fashion Rules to Make or Break

Every woman wants to be fashionable, but damn  being fashionable can be demanding sometimes; i mean you are faced with questions like What to wear? What shoes and accessories go with a particular style of clothing? What IN trends to follow and so on. If you are an ardent follower of Fashion, here are some rules to help you develop a chic look of your own and please feel free to break some of the rules knowing that fashion fades but style is eternal. Fads come and go but these 20 fashion rules are basic  rules every stylish woman  should know.

1. Visualize your overall look :   Always imagine the look you want to pull off and then put your pieces together.

2. Dress your age and figure:  Ensure to wear what suits your age , if you are 18 feel free to experiment and  wear what your mates are wearing and when you are over 30, cover up nicely.

3. Wear Black:  Black has a slimming effect , it is ever appealing, hides everything and you can't go wrong with It, so remember to stock some bla…