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Lifestyle || Let's talk about the ultimate list (new year's resolutions)

So it's the last weekend in 2017 (Yay)  and the new year is just few days round the corner, many people are already reflecting on some of their decisions and life choice's, reflecting on the changes that they said they would make in 2017 and did not achieve while some are making resolutions for 2018 that they might not even remember 6 months down the line.
The new year is a moment of reflection (recount the good and bad of past year), it is the time to ensure that we  balance  our life with positive influences, a time to inteospect on your personal growth and learn from the experience . Making new year resolutions sounds easy but a lot of  these resolutions fail because they are not the right resolutions for you as an individual. 

The main reasons why a resolution may be wrong : It's a resolution created based on what someone or the society is telling you to change .You don't have a realistic plan for achieving your resolutions.

The following process will help you in c…