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The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu Book Review

The rave online about this book made me buy it months back and I was not disappointed. The story line is fictional and predictable but also it is entertaining. It revolves around the life of a lagos "big girl" Zuri and her 4 friends. The
finance part of the book was so on point and I learnt a lot about investing, types of income, networking and so much more. Arese also included pratical exercises at the end of every chapter and for me I feel smart money woman speaks finance in an everyday layman's language because the advices are sound and easily achieve able.

Overall , the smart money is a pretty good read and I would rate it an 8/10. I would also recommend this book because it's a must read.

Have you read the book??? Let me know by dropping your comments below.

Book Review: STAY WITH ME by Ayobami Adebayo

Ayobami Adebayo's "Stay With Me" is a beautiful book with a lovely jacket that captures the author's beautiful writing. It is a book set in the 1980's ,a period of political tumulut in Nigeria, moving on through 2008.

The two narrators in the book "Stay With Me" are Yejide and her husband  Akin hope to pass the stories (folk tales) they remembered when they were children to their own offspring.

"Stay With Me" revolves around series of
secrets Akin gas kept from his wife and the
terrible consequences those secrets  will have on their marriage and in the life of Akin's brother Dotun.

Akin tells us that he loved Yejide from the moment he set his eyes on her, but four years of childlessness reversed his belief that love
conquers all even if the burden is too much. When they got married, both Yejide and Akin said no to polygamy but after several years of childlessness, their relatives insisted that Akin take a second wife. Yejide becomes despe…