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My Lagos Waka || A tour of Lekki Arts Market and Nike Art Gallery ( Tips, Hacks and market finds)

Touring the Lekki Arts and Crafts  Market

I finally got around organizing my first (group) tour  of the tour series called THE LAGOS WAKA  and on my tour list , the lekki arts and craft market was the first but i decided to add Nike Art Gallery ( I have been there thrice ) on this tour since it was on the same axis  as the art and Crafts Market.  The funny thing about this trip was that just like the normal African fashion, 5 people indicated interest in going on this tour and on the day of the tour trip only Royalbiba of  www.royalbiba.comshowed up while others came up with excuses. We started out late and our first stop was the market.
The lekki Arts and Crafts  Market ( also known as the Jakande art market ) is an art haven that showcases the beauty of art in Lagos, Nigeria. The market is located at jakande bus-stop, off lekki-epe expressway ( 5th roundabout after lekki toll-gate, When coming from Victoria Island) .
As the name implies, there are various arts and crafts pieces like …

Lifestyle || Bloggers cookout party at samanthas Bistro

What better way to enjoy the weekend than to go to a cookout party with fellow bloggers, networking, cooking and having the best afternoon. The cookout was hosted by , samanthasbistro and gourmet burger bar . We were about 15 bloggers invited to this cookout party and we had chef dumebi (founder and  chief chef of samanthas bistro) and chef James to take us through the process of making our own burgers.

So I got to the venue of the cookout party
  ( samanthas bistro ) late and I met everyone playing a game called the burger twister, it's a game played in pairs ( a pair of 2 people ) and the result of the game decides the ingredients you get to use in making your own burger ( yes we all were going to make our burgers ourselves) .  I got paired with chef James and it was just hilarious  ( I wish I have a picture to show that part).

Fast forward to the cook out proper, chef dumebi put everyone of us through on how to make burgers the samanthas way.

We all were assigned a woo…

Mind Matters || WHY AM I STILL SINGLE?

Valentine's day is long gone, and my post on Reasons to love Valentine without a boo or bae has garned  a lot of  questions like "why are you single?"  "No boyfriend😮".

So am going to rewind back to a conversation I had some few weeks back with my girlfriend Adaeze on this issue  and she started the convo saying I am beautiful, well educated, a manageable cook🤣 and how i come from a good family and she was wondering why I am always talking about my job, projects and how i want to be that successful chic ( am not even anti-social, am actually an extrovert, with a bubbly personality),  when am supposed to be froclicking with guys on social media and sliding into DM's of cute melanin dudes ( am a sucker for dark skinned guys😋);  the funny thing is we both  know i get a lot of attention from the opposite sex;  but i just havent found that special one, the YING to my YANG; i mean someone who will inspire me and encourage my growth. Adaeze decided to reply me…