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Event: ART X exhibition 2017

Hello have you been and I hope your week is going great?! I am so glad I finally get to post about my experience at ART X exhibition 2017 which took place at the civic center, Victoria island lagos between 3rd - 5th November. I attended the last exhibition that took place on the 5th and my first stop was the colouring bus which was placed out, I left my mark on the bus by signing my signature.  My next stop was the ground floor (indoor) where I took pictures at the ART X backdrop, from there I proceeded to the first level where artworks were displayed.  Lemi Ghariokwu's iconic record sleeves designed for flea kuti and the Ghana pesewa coins artwork by Yaw Owusu were both intriguing and breathtaking respectively. 

So fast forward I found myself at Rom Isichei booth where his art installation focused more on the 21st century norm " SELFIE" and I decided to enact the artwork. 

Also I checked out Polly Alakija's booth, am sure most of you must have …

Book Review : Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John

Born on a tuesday is a book that tackles modern Nigeria's extremely complex religious landscape with great insight, it shows the rise of Islamic extremism in Nigeria as experienced by a young man named DANTALA  which literally means "born on a tuesday ".

The story is set in far North Western Nigeria, and told from dantala perspective. Born on a Tuesday opens following a gang of street boys who are hanging in the streets and getting up to non good. They spend time smoking, pillaging, Committing random acts of violence. During the elections, the boys were paid by the small party to cause trouble, when their attempt to burn down the opposition local headquarters ends in disaster, dantala alias ahmad runs for his dear life leaving his best friend behind. He makes his way to a mosque that provides him food, shelter and guidance.

Before long, dantala becomes a favoured apprentice to the mosque sheik due to his
modest nature. During his stay at the mosque, dantala saw somethin…

Event: GTBank Fashion Weekend 2017

Hello darlings, how have you been and how's the month of November treating you?!  

I'm having a good month with so much events to attend and guess what?!?   I would be sharing all the buzz at the just concluded GTBank fashion weekend.

I know this is a break from the norm as I only blog about books review  and books recommendation but that's all going to change as I have decided to re- structure the blog and I am changing its niche from just a books blog to a books and lifestyle blog; I would
 be sharing tiny bits of activities am into as a bookaholic.......okay enough said already, now back to the fashion weekend, I attended day 1
of it with biba of and it was an alluring experience for me as I was able to network and make new friends, and I attended a master class by creative and celebrity photographer TY Bello which was interesting.

The setup was nice and there was so many props to take pictures with and so many colourful backdrops too. The village market …