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Book Review: We're going to need more wine by gabrielle union

Gabrielle Union's memoir We're going to need more wine has so many outstanding features like honesty, activism and humour. The book is real and raw as it gives great insights into one of Hollywood's actresses. I have been in love with gabby   (my nickname for her) from the movies Deliver us from Eva  and bring it on, so when I saw the rave online I knew it was going to be an amazing book.

The book opens up with a chapter  that introduces you to Nickie (Gabrielle Union's nickname gotten from her maiden name
Monique), the smart little girl who grows up in a predominantly white community and school, confronted with internal  colorism,and tries hard to fit in. Every chapter reveals a secret struggle she has encountered that everyone must have faced at some point. The story is relatable and transparent as Gabrielle shared deep personal stories like her getting  raped at age 19,  her on-set experiences ,
beauty standards and competition between women in Hollywood, struggle…

Reasons to love valentine without a bae or boo

Happy valentine! It's a day meant for love and everywhere you go today you would see lover's trying to show love one way or the other , but what happens to those without "Boo" or "Bae" like me. How do we get to spend our valentine?  Most people have misconception about valentine being meant for lover's only.
Valentine had always been a special treat for me but I am going through a phase (single and searching) right now and I don't have a date for valentine, so am going to spoil myself silly with gifts (self-love)  and also have a nice valentine weekend with friends at a beach house party ( talking about treats).
 If you are thinking about self - pity medication as an option for valentine's day, here's an advice - what's to love, if you can't love yourself ?  So pamper yourself, do something that makes you happy, put yourself first, go out with family and friends, get yourself a gift or better still curl up in bed with your favourite…

Wandering on the longest canopy walk in Africa || Things to do at the lekki conservation center

One of the favourite  things I love apart from being a book - hungry reader is travelling,  I would love to travel and visit tourist places around the world , but as they always say  you wanna see the world, start from your backyard  .  So I  decided to start  first with my home  Country Nigeria and on a sunny  saturday I decided to see more of lagos city by  going  on  a group tour of lekki conservation center  with friends via  Tvpadventures.

The lekki Conservation Center  is Located after chevron Estate Gate,  just before the 6th roundabout (coming from V.I),  it's a bio-diversity conservation center that
protects the wildlife and mangrove forests from the threat of urban development.

We started the tour with our tour guide by walking through a wooden bridge that leads us to the nature trail which consists of the Swamp/Marshland and the Savannah grassland, animals like monkeys, birds and squirrels were seen moving freely in their natural habitat. 

From the forest, we made it t…

Book Review: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Homegoing  by Yaa Gyasi Published by Alfred A. Knopf on June 7, 2016 Genre : Historical Fiction  Pages: 305 Source: purchased

Yaa Gyasi debut novel  Homegoing  is  a  testament of Black strength,  voices, and  memory.  It's one of the most powerful novels I have ever read and since my book club picked the book as January read, I have not gone a day without thinking and marvelling about it.

The novel opens in the forests of 18th - century Ghana; through a fire accident , half sister's Effia and Esi were separated at  birth and they  grow up in different tribes  not knowing one another . Effia was married off to a British officer and lives with him in comfort at the Cape coast castle          ( center of  British trade on the Gold Coast) , but unknowingly to Effia, her half sister Esi was in the castle's dungeon. Esi was captured in the Fante village she grew up in due to a tribal warfare and she was later sold into slavery, which starts the  beginning of her torturous journey t…