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Book Review || Gravity and The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen

let's talk about the bestseller author Tess Gerritsen "FICTION QUEEN"  books Gravity and The Silent girl.

GRAVITY is a story about a plague - like epidemic is on a space station, where a team of six astronauts suddenly found themselves threatened by a virulent Bio hazard. Victims first register a headache, followed by stomach pains, then their eyes turn blood red. Finally, they convulsed so violently that they literally bash themselves apart. The most Frightening part is what spills out of their bodies - green egg filled globules.

Astronaut Emma Watson, the station's onboard doctor struggles to fight the outbreak while her colleagues die one by one. The first Astronaut to get sick was a Japanese, he was sent down to earth via space shuttle, but dead on arrival.

The military physicians discovered a deadly mutant - a creature that's part human, part frog and part mouse in the eggs that spills from the dead Japanese Astronaut body. The contamination was traced to…