Travel || A Tour of Kalakuta Republic Musuem.

I have always had a desire to know more about Fela- Anikulapo Kuti because am a huge fan of his music, and  have been looking  forward to a tour of his museum . Fast forward to April, I put out a tour request on my instastory (follow me on Instagram )  and Evatonia  with Royalbiba  showed interest on coming on a tour of kalakuta muesum with me.
On the scheduled day , we all met at the museum which is situated at Allen, Ikeja.  We paid 1,000 naira each for the tour,  and got assigned to a tour guide.

Kalakuta Museum formerly known as Kalakuta Republic was the home of the late Afrobeat Legend Fela - Anikulapo Kuti which has now be turned into a museum to promote Fela's Legacy .

Fela -Anikulapo Kuti  was born Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome - Kuti on October 15 1938 into an upper- middle class family ( an activist mother and his father was a school principal and a reverend) . He attended Abeokuta grammar school before  he was sent to London in 1958 to study medicine but he decided…

How To Style The Beret Fashion Trend The Casual -Chic Way!

The beret trend is everywhere and it's a major must-have accessory this season. I remember back then in high school, the beret was part of my school uniform and fast forward to 2018, the beret trend came back with a bang! Berets are now a major trend, an head accessory on every style icon.

History says Paris is the birth place of berets and that's why they have the parisienne artist kind of look and character. Berets come in different textures and colours, some are made from the thickest wool, while some are made from pure leather or faux leather , it could also be plain or beaded. However, whether you want a casual, sexy, or chic look, the beret is transitional and can go with everything. whatever type of beret you choose to wear, learn how to pull off the beret without looking cheesy.

The easiest way to rock the beret trend is by styling  it in a casual - chic way. You can never go wrong with a colourful beret paired with a slogan t-shirt and jeans.  I styled my beret look …

My Hiking Experience on Olumo Rock

I decided to tick off Olumo Rock from my tour list and i went hiking with some friends, Micheal and  Royal biba on Olumo rock, which is one of the top tourist destinations in Nigeria because it has so much history. According to history, olumo rock (meaning  'God molded  this') was a safe haven for the Egba people during war times in the 19th century, the rock was used as a fortress which hid the people ( the locals of Abeokuta town) from the enemy. After the war, people saw the rock as a deity that Egba people during war times in the 19th century, the rock was used as a fortress which hid the people( the locals of Abeokuta town) from the enemy . After the war, people saw the rock as a deity that protected the Egba people.

At the entrance, we paid a gate fee of  NGN 1000 per person to get access into the premises and was assigned a tour guide. We were faced by this massive edifice of nature called Olumo.  The first thing that captured my attention was the water fountain that h…